New Forum Thread on ASX's Revised Corporate Governance Council Principles is Available

We created the thread for discussion on the ASX's revised Corporate Governance Council Principles here:

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SFM Participant Mark Campanale has been nominated for Guardian Sustainable Business Leader of the Year

Very happy to announce that your fellow SFM Participant Mark Campanale has been nominated for this prestigious award - thanks in advance for considering your vote accordingly and a big congratulations is in order for the nomination alone.

ACCA Consultation Paper by SFM Participant Paul Moxey

SFM Participant Paul Moxey published new consultation paper, "Creating value through governance – towards a new accountability: a consultation".

This paper argues that corporate governance is about creating value and that governance codes should be evaluated on how well they facilitate the creation of value. It sets out how a framework of ‘performing, informing and holding to account’ can work.

Key recommendations are as follows:

Invitation to a Sustainable Financial Markets London Roundtable, 10 March 5.30pm, on "Fiduciary Duty and the Persistent Perils of Ignoring Elephants in the Room"

"Fiduciary Duty and the Persistent Perils of Ignoring Elephants in the Room"

Keith L Johnson, fiduciary duty expert and fiduciary counsel to CalPERS and other major US pension funds, is in London for a brief visit.

We're using the occasion to hold an evening Roundtable on:

" Fiduciary Duty and the Persistent Perils of ignoring Elephants in the Room

... lessons for fund trustees, executives and for policymakers."

Special Offer for SFM Participants

We are proud to bring this first discount offer for SFM Participants from our good friends Aaron Bernstein and Stephen Davis at Global Proxy Watch.


Exclusive Offer for NSFM Members

Members of the Network for Sustainable Financial Markets are now eligible for a US$495 annual subscription to Global Proxy Watch, the weekly e-newsletter read by governance professionals in more than a dozen countries. A sample issue is attached.